Collagen Rx Plus Antiaging Face Cream

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Effective. Highly Concentrated. Powerful.

Just apply twice daily.  You will see noticeable results within 2 weeks. The appearance of your pores will be significantly reduced.  Your skin will feel much softer, smoother and more firm. Introducing Collagen Rx Plus. A simple skin care routine.  The results are simply beautiful.

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SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus – Face Cream with Collagen & Vitamin C

A luxury face moisturizer. It stimulates collagen and elastin. As a result, it will soften fine lines and other signs of aging. Your pores will also look smaller, and your skin will feel softer and more hydrated. This light weight face cream contains collagen and vitamin C.  It’s also loaded with other powerful anti aging ingredients including hyaluronic acid.

Benefits of SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus

  • Plant based Collagen and Vitamin C face cream 
  • A collagen restore cream – Rebuilds collagen and elastin
  • Skin feels more Plump and Firm
  • Softens, Tightens, and Re-energizes the skin
  • Hydrates and Reduces the Appearance of Pores.
  • Excellent for Sensitive skin, Rosacea or Psoriais
  • Oil free and paraben free 

This state of the art face cream contains Green Apple Stem Cells, Powerful Antioxidants, and Marine Collagen.  It also utilizes Nanotechnology and a Time Release Delivery System.  Together they create a powerful skin softening and hydrating cream that also reduces the appearance of pores.  Your skin will feel more plump, softer, tighter, and more toned.  The suppleness, firmness and elasticity of your skin is also increased. For faster results combine Collagen Rx Plus with one of Sabrina Beauty’s all natural face masks.


Apply Collagen Rx Plus morning and night and also before applying makeup. This allows the powerful ingredients to work around the clock to rejuvenate your skin.  After cleansing, gently glaze a small amount over the face, neck and décolleté. Always use upward stroking sweeping motions when applying moisturizer to the face.

*For best results, exfoliate face, neck, and décolleté weekly and before beginning use of SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus anti-aging face cream.

52 reviews for Collagen Rx Plus Antiaging Face Cream

  1. Nikki B.

    I’ve been using SABRINA Cream for about 5 years. People always ask me what I do to keep my skin so firm or they say, Nikki your skin is really good. I tell them, I use SABRINA Collagen Rx Plus.
    To watch Nikki’s video click here: https://youtu.be/BI_fkWK7TPo

  2. Milan

    I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin after using Collagen Rx Plus for just a few months. For more information click the link to watch the video review. https://youtu.be/3MYcJeKA39c

  3. Elaine

    I started using this cream about 3 years ago. I’m still using it. People are always asking me how does my skin stay so young. I tell them it’s the Sabrina’s Collagen Cream. This cream absorbs so easily into your skin and it’s very light. No greasy residue. It works. My skin is very soft and my huge pores are gone. I Love this cream.

  4. Joy T.

    My skin cannot live without this cream. Highly recommend it!

  5. Laura B

    The Sabrina Beauty face cream has completely changed my skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth. Every now and then I try other cheaper creams, but I keep coming back to this one. It’s worth the money and it works. One jar last me about 2 months so it’s not that expensive.

  6. Gayle

    Sabrina Beauty is a great skin care cream. I have been using it for over a year now. My skin feels soft and any age spots that I had, have faded away. I love this product!

  7. Lula Michel

    I’m using Sabrina face cream because I like the way my skin looks and feels after applying the cream, also its easy to apply, not thick and heavy. My skin seems to get thinner as I get older.

  8. Nilka Rivera

    Sabrina is the perfect creme for me. I don’t need anything else it just does all I need Is day and night creme face and neck plus organic and anti blemish what else do I need ?

  9. Linda

    I’ve been using Sabrina cream for about 3 months now. I love how soft and smooth it makes my skin. Fine lines have disappeared. It’s so light weight and fully absorbs into my skin! I highly recommend it!

  10. Tamika

    This is my second day of wearing Sabrina moosturizer. It’s very effective at hydrating my skin and there is no smell. It also seems to be non-irritating.

  11. Jennifer Harden

    So I just started using this cream on Sunday. My gosh went into work that night and I couldn’t help wanting to touch my face. It was so soft like a baby’s bottom. I am only n my 40’s so don’t have any wrinkles yet. But this stuff really moisturizes your skin and I have dry sensitive skin, no issues with this cream. I will be a continuing customer.

  12. Lisa Bennett

    Love this FAce cream! My skin looks and feels so hydrated and incredibly soft. I feel confident going out without makeup. Just apply some mascara.

  13. Julie

    I used to work as a medical dermatology representative for l’Oreal. I stayed in this field of work for almost 20 years. Needless to say, one might understand that I have a special place in my heart for professional skin care products.
    I have been using Sabrina’s anti aging cream for about 30 days and I am loving it. Off course, I always look at ways to make my skin look and feel youthful without resorting to too many invasive procedures.
    Sabrina’s cream just do that. I use it morning and night and my skin is glowing. I understand that it has a highly concentrated anti aging nourishing formula
    And has been clinically formulated by a scientist.

    My experience with this product is amazing My skin is absorbing it quickly and without leaving a film which is important as I have acne prone skin. Also, this makes it easy to apply my makeup in the morning.
    My skin feel moist and soft throughout my entire day.

  14. Shawnelle

    One week after using this product, I noticed smaller pores and more radiant skin. My friend even noticed and asked what I was doing. I noticed a change mostly around my eyes and under my eyes. I definitely recommend this product!

  15. Catherine Benvenuti

    I am seventy years old and found my skin becoming very dry with definite lines around my eyes, lips, and forehead. I have been using this product for over 6 weeks and am excited with the results. My skin is softer and more supple. The lines around my eyes and lips are less pronounced. My skin has a more radiant glow. It has made such a positive impact on my skin. I love it!

  16. Joy Braunstein

    6 weeks into using the cream daily has made an enormous difference! It has taken years off of my face!

  17. Lindsey Pund

    I got acne scars on my back from my pregnancy. I have been exfoliating first and then applying Collagen Rd Plus by SABRINA. Within two weeks it has cleared up and I have a pretty back again. I LOVE this cream and going to keep using it on other problem areas!

    If you have not tried it yet, you should! Worth it!!

  18. Deborah Caputo

    I’ve been using Sebrina collagen skin cream for 2 months and love it. My pores are smaller and my skin feels hydrated but not greasy. Great product!

  19. Gail Penland Walker

    I am definitely a Sabrina Beauty Ambassador!
    I appreciate your company for producing a high quality product that lives up to the claims that are made in the advertisements. Love it!

  20. Rosa M Acevedo

    The truth is I loved this cream since I saw it, when I used it I was not wrong, it is excellent, my skin becomes younger and full of life.
    I use it in the morning and at night also under makeup.

  21. April Willy

    I’ve been using Sabrina Collagen cream for about 5 months and it has diminished
    wrinkles and cleared away age spots that I’ve had for years. It smells and feels great on your skin – a little goes a long way. I love this product!

  22. Katia Tikhonravova

    I like the cream. I took before and after pictures. I was not able to see any difference on a picture. But other people told me that my “face looks fresh” and “you look different.” I also feel different about my skin. Its no longer has dry feeling. I also did not get any negative reaction, no breakouts or rushes. So, I am placing my order again. The 50ml jar had last me exactly 2 months with 2-3 applications per day.

  23. Sadie Varley

    I have been using Sabrina Simply Beautiful Collagen Rx Plus. I absolutely LOVE it! I love the all over smooth look it has given my skin. After only a few weeks of using this product a coworker asked me what I had changed in my daily skin care. She said whatever I was doing looked great!

  24. Haley Stoermer

    I’m 24 years old with oily skin, occasional breakouts, and acne scars that have been hanging around for years. I have tried countless products to shrink my pores, get rid of the oil, and fade the set-in scarring. I had grown accustomed to products that were doing so-so, but then I tried Sabrina Beauty. Sabrina has completely changed the look and feel of my skin. I love that it contains safe and natural ingredients, so I can trust what I’m putting on my skin. This product smells incredible and it has not caused my skin to break out (which is huge). I’ve found my forever skin cream and I absolutely would recommend.

  25. Katie Sue Buskill

    I’ve been using Sabrina Beauty for 6 months now. I am always careful about what I use on my face. I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!! This product has become such an important part of my morning and nightly routine. My face has never felt so soft to touch! I would 10/10 recommend this product to anyone! Whether you are just starting to use skin care products, or if you’ve tried some and can’t find the right one! Sabrina beauty has made me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin! I’ve got a few of my family members to try it and I’ve only heard positive feedback from everyone! This is an investment you will not regret!!

  26. Joanie Reneer

    I thought I was doing a good job of exfoliating my skin until I switched to Sabrina Beauty. Sabrina left my skin really clear and feeling plump!

  27. Debbie Howell

    I look forward to applying this smooth, silky and ultra-absorbent cream to my face twice a day! I have noticed that my 1 age spot is visibly reduced and the puffiness around my eyes is gone. I highly recommend this magical cream- 5 stars!!

  28. Ruthie Winchell

    I am 62 yrs old and have been using Sabrina Simply Beautiful cream for one month. My skin is smoother and the few wrinkles I have at the corners of my mouth have noticeabley reduced. My sisters think I look younger!

  29. Rita Nelson

    I used Sabrina Beauty Cream for the last month. I noticed a difference in my skin within the first two weeks! I will not use any other product from here on out. I strongly suggest this skin care product and will be gifting it to all my friends and family!!

  30. Maura Defloria

    Light clean scent and skin feels soft! Been using for a month now!

  31. Carmen Gutierrez

    I been using Sabrina Beauty about month now give or take, wow first time I used it my skin felt so.awesome soft, fine lines around eyes began to.disappear, I feel beautiful, not need were much makeup many friend ask.me.my age and when I said 62, they didn’t believe me I wish everyone would try it least once, you be surprised I love it

  32. Allana Rodriquez

    I’m in love with this product! It smells amazing and you start seeing a difference on your skin right away! The best facial cream I’ve ever tried!

  33. Heather Pounds Lynch

    I love Sabrina! The product is very lightweight. A little goes a long way and lasts all day! There is no greasy residue like some other face creams. The scent is very light and refreshing and my skin feels so soft!

  34. Kristen Johnson

    I’ve been using Sabrina for about 6 weeks. I have really sensitive skin so I was a bit skeptical. Skepticism unnecessary. The smell and texture are fantastic. It glides over my skin easily, makes it feel silky and doesn’t clog my pores. I can see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes, mouth and neck. I’m still working through my first jar but already have my backup waiting!

  35. Traci Bernard

    Just ordered my second jar!!! Love it

  36. Maryann Stoermer

    I really like my new Sabrina Simply Beautiful! I have some wrinkles on the left side of my face and they are looking better and my skin feels softer but not greasy! It is very light and not heavy like some I have tried.

  37. Kathy Skiba

    I have been using Sabrina for about 7 weeks. I have noticed a big improvement in smoothness and hydration. The lines and sun spots sre diminishing. I have used many different products and this by far is the best. I would recommend to give it a try.

  38. Brenda Arnold

    I am 72 years old with very dry skin. I have been using Sabrina for 2 weeks
    And my face looks so good. Not a heavy cream. I definitely recommend and
    will continue to use.

  39. Jennifer Knox

    I’ve been using Sabrina Beauty with Collagen RX Plus for nearly 4 weeks now and I LOVE it! My skin is so soft and smooth and the fine lines around my eyes are starting to diminish! I also really like how smooth and easy my makeup goes on after applying the cream. I highly recommend Sabrina Beauty with Collagen RX Plus! It’ll be money well spent!!

  40. Erin Shaw Thomas

    I started using Sabrina Beauty Collagen Rx Plus a little over a month ago. Although I am only 23 and don’t have any wrinkles yet, I do have large pores, acne scars, an uneven complexion, and a combination skin type. After just a few days of using Collagen Rx Plus, I noticed a huge difference in my pore size, and my skin was hydrated along with my combo (oily/dry) skin being under control. I noticed the fading of a stubborn acne scar not long after that I have had for years! I am also happy that I have this product to help me take preventative measures with wrinkles in the future. I can now say I feel confident going out to run errands, etc without make up on! LOVE this product!

  41. Nikki Beltran

    I want to let everyone know I had spent thousands of dollars in the Chanel Sublimage line. Got great results, but nothing compares to the immediate results I experienced and clearly noticed with Sabrina. It is beyond my comprehension. All I can say is am excited. I want everyone of my friends to own a jar and use it daily. is the best gift I can give them.

  42. Jessica Winchell

    I have been using Sabrina Beauty Simply Beautiful Collagen RX Plus for almost 3 weeks now. It has kept my skin hydrated all day long which is something I always struggle with. My pores are smaller, freckles are lighter, and the fine lines around my eyes have seemingly vanished!

    I have even been using Sabrina Beauty Collagen RX Plus on my clients for the past few weeks under their makeup applications to test it out a little further. The verdict – it looks and wears great under makeup!

  43. Stephanie Jones

    Collagen Rx Plus has made my skin so soft and smooth! My pimples have started disappearing. I can’t wait to see what all this product does!

  44. Julie Smith Harris

    I really like this product i have shared it on fasebook live its excellant everyone try this you will see a diffetance i did Thank You Sabrina Beauty 100 percent satisfied

  45. Michael Rauseo

    My wife has been using this product for a few weeks now. I have seen significant improvements in her skin. Myself as a man began using the cream after shaving. I felt the soothing effects on my face and have also seen results on my skin. I highly recommend this product to women and men!

  46. Barbara Jean

    Loved the feeling on my face. Definitely a great product

  47. Janet Stoermer

    I have been using this for 2 weeks. I wanted to see if I saw a difference in my skin. Well, I did! My skin feels smooth, and lines around my eyes have softened. It absorbs quickly and is very lightweight. Since I am in my late forties, I have tried lots of creams to diminish the lines around my eyes. I’m very pleased to say, this is it! Even with my dry skin, this cream is enough on most days. If I feel I need something more, I just make sure that I put this on first. This cream really works!!

  48. Gail Kippenbrock

    I have been using Sabrina Beauty with Collagen RX Plus for almost two weeks and I can already see the fine lines around my eyes starting to disappear. Also, the pores on my face are getting smaller which allows for my makeup to go on more smoothly. My husband says I look beautiful! I love this product!

  49. Mary Hamilton

    I started using Sabrina 3 days ago and I love it! I can already tell that my skin has improved. The best thing about it is that it’s not heavy feeling under makeup and doesn’t leave my face shiny looking.

  50. Marggie Rodriguez

    Fabulous product, love the fresh scent, texture is luxurious, a little goes a long way. Can not wait to share my results.

  51. Donna Burroughs

    I have started using Sabrina and it does go on very smooth and light weight. I even feel a little tingling sensation. Hopefully that means my skin is coming alive.

  52. Tommy Bridges

    Being a music performer on stage, I am a skin care junkie, and have used multiple products over 20 plus years. I went from using a Clinque’s Dramatically different ‘M Lotion,’ to Creme de la Mer (which is very expensive from Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdale’s) and many of the Kiehl’s brand products. After using Sabrina Beauty for only one week, my face has never looked so great! I see a new layer of skin on my face and neck, and my wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes have substantially been reduced. I cannot recommend this lotion enough, and its truly remarkable! It really works!!!!

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